Getting fit is not a temporary fix – it’s a way of life. Whether you want to tone up or slim down, have additional energy for work and family, or if you just want to look and feel better, we can help. 


Group Fitness Classes

Currently offering Senior Fitness and Mixed Fit. Benefit from the expertise of our certified instructors and get a great workout! Come and try one of our group fitness classes. There is no need to sign up for classes; all classes are included with your membership. Find a class that fits into your schedule! 

Plenty of Room

Our floor plan is also organized to help you move from one workout to the next with ease. There is also plenty of room to exercise, meet with friends, and discover new ways to work out. At our club, you will discover a space where you can work out comfortably and efficiently.

Open All Year

SNR Express is open every day throughout the year, except for the following holidays: Easter Sunday, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  Members with 24 hour access can use the facility during these holidays.

Youth Policy

Any children 13 and/or older are eligible for membership. Children 13-15  years old, must be directly supervised by a parent each workout. All children under 13 years of age must be in the childcare area. Children under 13 years of age may not be in the front lobby, or with parents while exercising. Children under 18 are not eligible for 24 hour access and cannot be in the building outside of staffed hours.